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Bean slicers

Rotary cast iron bean slicers are one of our most popular items, especially the Spong ones.

First invented in the late Victorian era, the bean was dropped in the top of the slicer and as the handle turned so the sliced beans dropped from the bottom. Some models accomodated two sizes of bean making it a flexible tool for the kitchen. 

The earliest ones were japanned in black or red, often with the manufacturer's name in gold. By the 1920s the japanned finish had been replaced by a hard durable coating and the Spong slicers were available in black and green.

The Spong design and colours remained the same until the sixties when they streamlined the casing and introduced pale blue and red to the colour range. Along with other kitchen gadget makers, they introduced models with suction pads. By the seventies, orange and avocado had been added to the colour palette.

The speed of the operation makes it a must-have for the summer season when there is a glut of beans.

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