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Vegetable slicers

Gadgets for vegetable preperation are nothing new, and many serious home cooks swear by bean slicers and french fry chippers.

Spong produced both single and double bean slicers which sliced french beans into even slices with the turn of the handle. Villa's cutter for French fries, chips an entire potato with one push of its red handle, as does the Nutbrown version.

For slicing carrots, courgettes and other vegetables, many people love the traditional wooden slicer with its sharp steel blades. For a crinkle cut effect, then use the Nutbrown or Skyline potato crimpers which co-ordinate with their other utensils.

Our favourite little gadget is the tomato slicer: A handy little tool with a series of serated blades that cuts an entire tomato into even slices in one go.

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