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Fruit preparers

The Victorians loved a gadget: Anything from a cherry stoner to a marmalade cutter. And many of the slicing and fruit preparing utensils of the 20th century may have had their roots there.

Cast iron and tin items had wonderful turned wooden handles were eventually replaced with steel and then chrome and stainless steel. Coloured handles started to appear in the thirties and forties with cream and green the colourway of the day.

Many of the fruit preparers are easily recognisable, with the cylindrial apple corers and spoon-shaped melon ballers. Other gadgets are often more puzzling with the scissor-action grapefruit corer and butterfly-winged segmenter.

Nutbrown, Skyline and Tala all made their utensils with brightly coloured handles to match their ranges.

Our cast iron and steel marmalade cutters can be found here.

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