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Chopping boards saw little change throughout the centuries as solid blocks of wood saw generations of people chopping their food on them. In many houses the bleached pine kitchen table also served for cutting as the many marks confirm for those who have one.

By the 1960s, design came to chopping boards and the simple rectangle frequently became a paddle which could be hung up. Out went the pine and the sycamore and in came more exotic woods such as teak, cherry and olive.

Some simple boards had designs - such as fruit and vegetables - etched into them using a technique called poker work.

The secret to the longevity of a chopping board is keeping it well-oiled. All our boards are oiled with teak oil or food safe oil with beeswax and carnauba.

By the late sixties, melamine was in fashion and Taunton Vale was the go to brand with their vibrant floral designs. You'll find more on our Taunton Vale pages.

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