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Halloween at home

With trick or treating strictly off limits this year we thought it would be fun to turn the clock back 70 to 100 odd years and see how Hallo ... more

24/10/2020 21:53:43,   0 comments

New Year hacks for the kitchen

Just how many people can afford to follow annual kitchen trends is debatable - especially with such uncertainty over Brexit. But one thing i ... more

Posted in New Year

01/01/2019 21:21:26,   0 comments

Spring cleaning

The other week I fleetingly wondered about the notion of spring cleaning. Do any of us really do that any more or is it something that went ... more

10/04/2018 00:00:00,   0 comments

Mother's Day

Quite when Mothering Sunday became Mother's Day is not charted but it was probably sometime in the 20th century when enterprising card manuf ... more

Posted in High days & holidays

01/03/2018 17:05:14,   0 comments

Pancake Day

For most of us, Pancake Day is just an excuse for us to indulge in something sweet. But Shrove Tuesday always preceeds the start of Lent and ... more

Posted in High days & holidays

11/02/2018 18:22:28,   0 comments

Half term baking

Keeping the kids amused during the school holidays - especially when the weather isn't great - is always a challenge. We're great believers ... more

Posted in School Holidays

10/02/2018 10:17:32,   0 comments

Bake your way to your lover's heart

Forget the expensive expressions of love, Valentine's Day is all about the personal and meaningful touches. And this year this special celeb ... more

Posted in Valentine's Day High days & holidays  

30/01/2018 19:33:28,   0 comments

Burns night supper

Next to the New Year and St Andrew's day, the Burns night supper on 25 January is the most important day in the calendar of a traditional Sc ... more

Posted in High days & holidays

24/01/2018 21:06:00,   0 comments

Marvelous Marmalade

Despite marmalade rapidly disappearing from the British breakfast table, the arrival of Seville oranges every January is eagerly awaited by ... more

Posted in Preserving

10/01/2018 10:55:22,   0 comments

Frugal January - step back to war-time

Long before Back in time for dinner hit our screens one of our team would enter a time machine and sample a war-time diet. She was inspired ... more

Posted in New Year

03/01/2018 00:00:00,   0 comments

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