Marmalade cutters

Every serious marmalade maker knows how tiring and time-consuming shredding peel for marmalade is. So the best solution is a mechanical cutter.

The Victorians loved their gadgets and there were plenty of iron foundries around the country that were eager to help make the kitchen labour-saving.

One such company was Follows & Bate whose Marmalade cutter was a terrific heavy japanned Victorian tool which sliced the orange or citrus peel for marmalade. The peel was pushed into the cutter from behind with a wooden plunger, whilst a handle swept a blade from side to side creating the threads of peel and retaining the juice.

Their later models were simpler and less decorative, with the Universal for country houses and institutions, and the smaller version, called the Magic, for domestic use. They also produced a rotary one called the Rapide.

Spong, best known for their mincers and coffee grinders, produced a small rotary top-loading 630 cutter much like their mincers. The larger 631 model had the added bonus of of a slot for beans on the side.

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