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Tin pastry & cookie cutters

Whether it's for a simple tart or mince pie or a range of decoraiv cookies, we're bound to have the shape for you.

There are round crinkle or plain cutters that are all ideal for mince pies, cookies, biscuits, tarts and pies.

For something more decorative we have animal ones and ones for Christmas, Easter and Halloween. If you like novelty things, then we have Homepride's Fred the flour grader.

If you need delicate cutters we have sets of hors d'oeuvre cutters in Tala Colourware tins or boxes of Nutbrown cockcolly cutters in our Decorating section.

For a touch of midcentury modern, then we have plastic cutters in a variety of colours and shapes.

Pastry and cookie cutter sets can be found here.

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