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There's nothing like the smell of freshly baked bread wafting around the home, and if anything is reminiscent of a vintage kitchen it's that wonderful aroma.

We have a range of original tins from great bread brands like, Hovis, Allison, Nutrex, Vitbe and Prewitts. Most took their names from wholemeal flours, but of the brands we have only Hovis and Allisons have survived.

Most of the tins are for small 1lb loaves, but some are for 1 1/2lb and 2lb sizes. We polish the outsides, so they look absolutely wonderful on display as well as for baking.

Occasionally we are lucky to find stoneware bread moulds. Often decorated with sheaves of wheat and sickles they represented the toil of the land needed to produce the bread.

With bread-making so popular we've added a range of straps: Multiple bread tins strapped together that can be slid into the oven at the same time - perhaps using a bread peel.. Some of them will produce those great big tin or farmhouse loaves that our grandparents stared at in bakers' windows !

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