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Rotary whisks

Knowing how much the Victorians love to invent things, it's hardly surprising that they designed a variety of contraptions to take the work out of beating creams, egg whites and custards.

The simple tin and cast iron vintage rotary whisks like the Boston Egg beater were a little Heath Robinson in their design but were overtaken by steel in the 20th century. Wooden handles replaced cast iron, and green or cream were in fashion for decades.

Gradually the whisks became more robust until eventually in the fifties and sixties, Skyline and Tala used stainless steel as part of their colourful kitchen ranges in a bid to out beat each other with Queen whisks and High speed beaters. Plastic replaced wood on all the handles, until the seventies when rosewood and teak became popular - particularly with Prestige.

Stores began to produce their own brands or private labels, and British Homes Stores produced colourful ones under their Prova brand. And at a time when the store is no more, so we have a few reminders of their heyday.

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