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Potato mashers & ricers

Vintage potato mashers were traditionally wooden and round allowing the curved utensil to follow the edges of the pan ! Some cooks swore by potato ricers which would pass cooked potatoes through tiny holes by way of a press. Kenrick and Tala produced the best ones.

Plenty of manufacturers experimented with metal mashers with all sorts of different designs: Some tried wavy ones which you turned and used in different directions, whilst another produced an unusual L-shaped one which would work sideways as well as downwards. Another was just like a large flat-ended fork !

Eventually Skyline designed an oval one in the early 1950s which was to be used for more than 50 years. They simply changed the colour of the handles to go with their ever-increasing ranges: Creams and greens for the fifties, blues, yellows and reds for the sixties and oranges and browns for the seventies.

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