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Juicers & lemon squeezers

21st century cooks are spoilt with electric juicers. Imagine squeezing enough lemons for home-made lemonade for a familiy of 10 ! But traditional vintage squeezers are great for small quantities of citrus fruit and look terrific on display.

The Victorians used hinged wooden ones with little ceramic inserts, whilst by the 1920s they had given away to pressed glass, even producing a larger one for grapefruit.

But the imaginative potters of the inter-war period loved to make brightly coloured novelty ones with jugs resembling the pitted skin of an orange. Crown Devon even made an impressively large one designed for oranges.

Hinged squeezers made a re-appearance, this time made out of cast aluminium. By the 1960s, little chrome squeezers holding half a slice of lemon for fried fish appeared on dinner plates.

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