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Whoever coined the phrase 'made to last' must have talking about these vintage enamel pans. Not only are there creams, blues and eau de nils - great colours for the vintage kitchen - but their cast iron construction make them perfect for ranges and Agas.

Despite their early British manufacture - often by Judge - most of them were metric sizes. Earlier black and pearl ones were often in pint sizes with great long handles so that you didn't get roasted by the heat from the solid fuel range !

We have lots of lovely bright Polish enamel pans too, and you'll find them in our Polish enamel range.

Our favourites are the bain maries, sometimes called porringers or double boilers. Ideal for sauce making and making sure you don't burn it.

The Star Cuksrite Grill allowed a saucepan to be converted into an oven or a steamer. The gadget dropped into any six to 10 inch saucepan and with the addition of fat or water would roast or steam. They even claimed you could bake a sponge in it !

We have a few brass and copper pans, but you'll find some bigger ones in our Preserving range. And unless the menu says otherwise, the pans are enamel.

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