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Mincers & Meat Presses

Mincing your own meat has become more popular after recent scares and a vintage mincer is the ideal utensil. All are heavy-weight and they are quite immovable when clamped to a table top.

Cast iron was the favourite from the Victorian period onwards, although a very attractive green stove enamel was fashionable in the forties and early fifties. Post war modernism saw splashes of colour with blues, yellows and reds. Some companies also experimented with suction pads rather than clamps, with brands like the Harper Limpet.

Whilst most domestic mincers were just one size, National, Spong and a few others made theirs in No 1, No 2 and No 3 sizes, with No 3 having the largest hopper. A No 1 is quite big enough for a good old shepherd's pie for two, whereas Spong's No 10 is large enough for a restaurant !

Other brands adopted other numbers for sizes, so we have added small or large for clarity.

Pressing tongue and other meats was a popular cooking activity, with the Tala meat press providing clamped dishes. Produced as part of their popular Colourware range, they are now more popular for pressing cheeses.

For those who fancy making their own sausages, we have both Spong and Nye & Co No 1 sausage fillers which mince as they go.

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