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Pestles and mortars are one of the earliest kitchen implements. It's believed they could have been around thousand and thousand of years BC, although the first documented use is 1550BC in Egypt. Around the 14th century they were bronze, but 300 years later they were being produced in porcelain and stone.

They have always had a duel purpose for both food preperation and medical uses for grinding spices, grains and medicines.

Ceramic pestle and mortars have always been popular in mediterranean for making pestos, but in the UK composition stone - particularly from Wedgwood - is the mortar of choice because of its flexibility. With stone pestles, the handles are always wood for a better grip.

A brass or bronze pestle and mortar can take you back a few centuries, but it will need polishing from time to time. And for occasional use, a small wooden one can provide a simple cost-effective solution.

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