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Graters & food mills

Who could believe that the humble vintage cheese grater could come in so many shapes and sizes: Flat, folding, round, square and semi-circular. Most have about three different sized holes for varied use, but some flat ones have just one size of hole ! Little flat ones are ideal for nutmeg or parmesan

Our favourites are Tala because they had one for every occasion. We particularly like the round box one that has a chipper cutter on the top as well. Of course, Mouli were the kings of rotary grating and easy to clean, too, as they come apart for washing and competed with Tala's food mills. Mouli also did a bigger food mill with inter-changeable discs as well.

When grating is not enough, grinding with a pestle and mortar is necessary. We love traditional stoneware ones as a centre-piece, but beautifully polished wooden ones with years of patina look tremendous.

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