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Who said coffee culture was a product of the 21st century ? To be honest, most of our terrific vintage coffee grinders were brought to the UK from Europe by people who wanted real coffee. Before the advent of instant coffee, most people drank tea and there was little demand for coffee grinders outside the great houses and Lyons Corner Houses.

Most common in the UK were the black and gold cast iron grinders which could be wall mounted or clamped to the table but our European neighbours favoured box grinders or ceramic ones.

Holland and Germany gave us great ceramic wall mounted grinders whilst wooden box grinders were the favourites for most of the rest of Europe with square ones from Peugeot and smaller oblong ones from companies like Armin Trosser and Kym.

Older wooden grinders were often made from Walnut, but by the sixties they were being made from box wood. Although painted grinders were generally from this period, grinders from the forties were sometimes painted, particularly of they were made from steel.

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