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The most iconic cook of the Victorian and Edwardian era, was of course, Mrs Beeton. So much so that her books - albeit it in many revisions - have remained in print for nearly 130 years. Not only are they full of recipes and hints, they are peek into the social fabric and the divisions of those who cooked and those who dined. Although many of her books had engraved plates - some in colour - few other books throughout the early part of the 20th century did.

After the First World War, many households no longer had servants and cookery books were targeted at those who had to cook for their own families. Bestway, and Odhams Modern Cookery reflected a greater simplicity in cooking. By the time WWII arrived, recipes embraced rationing and encouraged imaginative uses of alternative ingredients. Paper rationing meant fewer books with fewer pages.

The post war housewife was looking to labour-saving devices and entertaining: Cook books inspired them with lavish colour photos of food fit for any dinner or cocktail party. Celebrity cooks were emerging like Constance Spry, Fanny Craddock and Elizabeth David. Mrs Beeton was firmly replaced by the Good Housekeeping Institute as the template for modern domesticity.

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