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Appliance cookery books

Every appliance manufacturer wanted consumers to love their wares, be brand loyal and recommend the product to their friends. What better way of doing it than to ensure every purchaser could get the best of out of their appliance.

Pre war, gas and electric cookers were a new concept: Housewives had to get used to different speeds and regulation of heating. The best way to demonstrate how good their brand was, was to provide every purchaser with a cook book.

And so the Radiation cook book was born. The first company to produce books in the 1920s, they were still going strong until the early sixties when they were re-branded New World. Other companies followed suit and soon every English Electric, Belling and Cannon would have a cook book. Prestcold, Tricity and GEC fridges also joined in.

Some small appliance manufacturers produced cook books, too: Prestige for their pressure cookers and Sunbeam and Paladin for their labour-saving blenders.

Not only do these books gives us an insight into the menus of the day, but a definite idea of the design and construction of the appliances of the day.

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