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Brand recipe booklets

Encouraging brand loyalty is nothing new. Manufacturers have been doing it for more than a century. Faced with a limited armoury of promotional opportunities, many food producers demonstrated what their products could be used for.

Although we have found some books dating from as early as 1908, it was really the 1920s when the potential was realised. Flour manufacturers were the most prolific and long gone brands like Raisley were amongst the first. McDougalls produced edition after edition of their Cookery Book: Only diversifying in the fifties with such titles as More Cookery or even Supersifted. Be Ro, Frenlite and Spillers flours all produced booklets as well.

Trex and Stork also produced ideas of how they product could be used. Endless, pies, pastries, suppers and parties were catered for.

Like most promotional items, customer loyalty could be rewarded by free booklets or subsidised ones.

The booklets are a great story of our changing tastes and habits and are a great inspiration for a themed vintage or retro event !

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