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Biscuit tins

Almost any airtight tin or jar can be used for storing biscuits, but marketing-minded kitchenware manufacturers in the late fifties and sixties realised that you could sell so many more tins if you offered one with biscuits printed on it. They were always one size bigger than the tea or coffee tins making quite sure you could get plenty in !

Fifty years earlier biscuits were probably stored in a stoneware jar or enamel canister. Large households might even had used one of the large tins that shops sold their biscuits loose from. By the thirties, pretty biscuit barrels could take pride of place on the sideboard.

More utilitarian and functional was the aluminium canister or glass jar, but our favourites are the pale Worcesterware ones with little floral lids !

More biscuit tins can be found in Tala Colourware, Garrison and Worcesterware ranges. We also have some fab large glass jars.

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