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If you're lucky enough to spot a Victorian or Edwardian cake it would probably have been round, tin, japanned and had a hinged lid fastened with a hasp.

By the early part of the twentieth century, the design had changed little, but the japanning had been replaced by cream or green paint. Hasps had largely disappeared, although some of Tala's Crinkoware could still be seen with them. All seemed to be designed to hold eight inch round cakes and came with or without hinges.

Post-war Britain's modern kitchens needed the accessories to go with it: Tala introduced a three tier space-saving cake tin - with the top two sections designed for the popular sponge sandwich. Garrison's deep tin contained a removeable wire rack which could accomodate two substantial cakes. Worcesterware continued with their classic design, but rung the changes with different colours and a variety of designs.

Realising that not all cakes were round, Tala introduced an oblong cake box as part of their matched Colourware. Few survive and are very collectable.

More cake tins & boxes can be found in Tala Colourware, Garrison and Worcesterware ranges.

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