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Jars were initially for bottling: The most effecient way of laying down the harvest for keeping over the fallow winter months. The introduction of Kilner jars with rubber seals and glass insets made bottling much easier.

By the thirties, and the introduction of kitchen cabinets, manufacturers were kitting them out with sturdy square jars with Bakerlite or aluminium lids that could accomodate any dried goods. Some jars had food names etched on them with popular ones, like sago, lentils, raisins etc.

Victorian and Edwardian sweet shops sold their wares by the ounce from jars with bobble-handled stoppers. These jars made a welcome reappearance during the sixties when so much design and upcycling came from the 'granny' era. Other manufacturers embellish these jars further with more decorative stoppers. Some coffee brands even offered their coffee in jars to encourage people to buy enough for their kitchen storage needs.

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