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Stoneware was the Victorian and Edwardian storage jar of choice. Many were treacle glazed and flagons were used for wine, beer and spirits. Lidded storage jars were sometimes made by Bourne and Denby.

In the kitchen, fruit and vegetables would be salted and laid down for the winter in large jars. Bigger households would use the 7lb jars for jam and preserve making, whilst jam and marmalade manufacturers like Robertsons and Keilers would use the 1lb and 2lb sizes for retail sales. They would be covered in cloth or paper and tied with sturdy string.

These days, these jars are ideal for preserving, or holding kitchen utensils. Bottles are terrific for vinegars and herb-infused oils, whilst the very large flagons are terrific for decorative purposes.

Larger stoneware crocks can be found with Flour bins and Egg racks & crocks and preserving jars here.

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