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Melaware & Melmex pastel

Melaware and Memex were typical of post-war modernism: Pastel shades, sweeping curves and melamine. Both companies hoped that they would replace ceramics and make it to the dinner table. In reality - and despite their functionality - they mostly stayed in the kitchen and breakfast room. In 21st century Britain both brands are more likely to be found in camper vans or tents.

Melmex promoted their brand with alluring shades such as blossom pink, apple green, primrose yellow and blue haze.They also introduced a solid duck egg blue into their Argosy range.

Designed to be used in one colourway, more adventurous purchasers mixed and matched and created a harlequin look. With the exception of saucers and plates, the range was two-tone with contrasting white inners or lids.

The pastel shades of the early sixties gave way to more striking and Vivid colours.

This tableware is just wonderful for vintage picnics or camping.

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