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Balance scales

Vintage balance scales require no weights and weigh anything up to 28lbs. Early scales would take the heaviest amounts as cooks and housewives would be preparing food for much larger families. By the post war years, many scales only weighed up to 5lbs.

Salter household scales were works of art in cast iron. Victorian ones were quite decorative whilst by the 1920s their curves had changed into sharper deco-influenced lines and there was a move away from cast to cream and green painted cast aluminium.

Tower competed with Salter - but used chrome for trays and fittings. They even fitted an integral timer into one of their models. Tower also introduced beams scales with a litte slider to indicate the amount to be weighed, based on larger baby-weighing ones !

Post war modernism saw pastel shades followed by blues, yellows and reds, with plastic all the vogue.

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