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Cooks' measures & measuring jugs

Originally scales were used for weighting dry goods and copper for liquids, but later ingenious designers produced cook's measures that could do both.

We have a range of vintage metal measures from copper ones - which were in fixed amounts from gills to pints - through to enamel jugs in white, blues and green.

The popularity of pressed glass in the twenties made glass measuring jugs and smaller measures popular. But by far the most popular was Tala's cook's measure, introduced in the 1950s. Changing trends in food could be tracked by the names printed inside with early favourites such as sago, haricots and shredded suet. Nutbrown made a crafty copy which they called the chef's measure. It was never as popular.

We also have a range of measuring spoons: Sets of graduated ones in aluminium, Cadbury's drinking chocolate measures and Skyline's giant ones measuring from teaspoons or tablespoons.

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