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Butter dishes, bowls & knives

Keeping butter cool without a fridge was always a challenge for our forebears. Large houses had stone or marble-lined dairies with butter kept cool on slabs covered by terracotta butter coolers. Some kitchens used white bowls or dishes with butter stamped on them.

More modest houses might have had a glass-lined terracotta butter cooler with iced water in it on the pantry shelf.

Pretty carved wooden butter dishes with willow pattern or glass inserts were popular from the Victorian times onwards. Carved letters spelt butter, or y menyn in Welsh. Some were even copied in stoneware.Carving also extended to butter knives with ornate etched silver plate or nickel blades and carved wooden or bone handles.

Our range of vintage butter dishes and bowls will look terrific in any dairy or kitchen.

Pressed glass butter dishes and others from matched tableware can be found in our Tableware section.

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