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Colanders & salad shakers

Enamel colandars are firm favourites for everyone with a vintage kitchen. Whatever your colour scheme, there is sure to be a colour to suit. Of course, white and black and cream and green were the most common colours, although white ones were often trimmed in various shades of blue.

The manufacturers of the thirties quite often produced them in eau de nil, too, whilst our continental cousins often prefered granite. Pre war there were quite a few long-handled colandars produced in aluminium, although most of them were recycled into aircraft parts.

For vibrant colours more colanders can be found in our 1960s Polish enamel range.

By the 1960s Molinex had developed a plastic salad spinner which contained all the water. Best loved was their bright orange one produced in the 1970s.

And there's nothing like a traditional salad shaker for rinsing leaves and getting them perfectly dry for your favourite salad dressing !'

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