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Cream makers

When cream was a luxury, it was made at home using milk and butter and a great deal of elbow grease ! Bel Jubilee cream makers with their pump action churned and churned the milk and butter until it turned to cream.

Some of the Jubilee cream makers also had a little pourer adaptor which allowed the cream-maker base to become a cream jug. Ingenious ! The tops were all made out of Bakerlite, the colours changing with the decades. By the sixties the Bakerlite tops had been replaced by modern plastic square ones.

Other pump-action cream makers would produce cream with a nozzle at the bottom of the chamber to release the cream into a little stoneware or glass cream jug for the table.

The Devon cream maker was painted cream and sat on a tabletop, whilst a heavy duty one could be clamped on. Ideal produced a little aluminium one, whilst Bel and Nutbrown also produced a clamp model.

The seventies saw pump action cream makers from Probus and Arlington become smoke plastic cylinders with colourful tops.

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