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Bread stays far fresher in a bread bin or bread crock rather than a fridge. And before fridges were invented there was little choice. But for many of our ancestors the crock was a necessity against an invasion of the four-legged variety !

Early crocks were stoneware or terracotta, but by the 1920s, enamel was a way of keeping bread fresh and cool. Most were rectangular and could take four large loaves. Others were round and more suited to cobs. Whilst most enamel bread bins were white and trimmed with black or blue, cream and green became popular. Sometimes graniteware ones can be found. Some bins linked bread to flour and portrayed flour windmills on the front.

By the 1950s, lighter weight tin was being introduced and roll top bins became popular. Some companies experimented with plastics and everything became more colourful with red, yellows and blues.

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