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We just love the idea of sitting in front of the fire toasting bread or buns. With more and more people having real fires, toasting forks have seen a revival.

Loving their gadgets, the Victorian's had neat little extending toasting forks which could then be hung up on the fire place. By the early part of the 20th century, manufacturers were using wire - some with great cream and green handles. As gas and electricity replaced solid fuel ranges, the humble toasting fork was left in the back of the drawer.

The very first electric toasters arrived in the twenties and were sleek chrome art deco affairs. Two sides dropped down to slide the bread in with central elements to toast it. It wasn't until the fifties that the pop up toaster arrived.

Vintage sandwich toasters can be used on all sorts of cookers and ranges. Grease the chrome bowl, pop in your favourite sandwich and hold the toaster over the heat. Perfect every time.  Nutbrown produced theirs as part of their utensil range with their hallmark brightly coloured handles in red and yellow, and two shades of blues and greens.

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