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Cutlery boxes & trays

Early cutlery boxes were dark, polished, lavish affairs with handles which were designed to be carried from the kitchen or housekeeping quarters to the dining room. Frequently baized-lined, they would often be full of the best cutlery. Mostly made with two compartments, some had three and the cutlery was designed to stick out !

Some boxes were zinc-lined to make them waterproof for cutlery that had just been washed. They would have been painted or stained, but as they were mainly made of pine most have been stripped and polished to make a beautiful rustic box.

Cutlery trays for the kitchen drawer were first pine and then beech. Again, some would have been lined in baize, others left plain. Mostly four section for fork, knife, spoon and teaspoon, the design barely changed over the next fifty years, although since the sixties they have mainly been made from plastic.

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