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Tin canisters were first seen during the Victorian era. But far from the bright colours and designs of mid 20th century Britain, they were japaned - usually in red, black and gold bands.

Reflecting the popular colourways of the day, cream and green canisters appeared in inter-war Britain. And although Worcesterware and Tala cornered the market, other companies such as Handiware and Green Arrow produced them, too. Other tins appear to have survived, but seem to be rather annonymous.

Most companies did plain or decorative ones, and labled ones initially seemed to be restricted to the tea, sugar and coffee basics. That then appeared to have been extended to cereal and rice. Post-war Britain had manufacturers producing tins with a wide variety of labels: Probably trying to replicate the success of Cornishware.

Looking to diversify, some companies produced wall-mounted tea caddies which dispensed a teaspoon of tea by lever sction. Usually adorned by the words Ceylon Tea and sometimes illustrations of tea pickers, they were very popular in the sixties.

More storage canisters can be found in Tala Colourware, Garrison and Worcesterware ranges.

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