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Before milk bottles were used to deliver milk, milkmen would fill householders' own jugs. But milk bottles go back to the 1880s and horse-drawn vehicles would deliver up to four times a day in parts of the country to ensure milk was fresh in those pre-refrigerator days.

Early bottle carriers were wire or steel, but by the late fifties and sixties modernity brought the wire covered carrier. Initially most were white or red, but Habitat made them trendy in the 1970s by producing them in blue, yellow and green.

You could also purchase indicators so that the customer could specify how many pints they needed each day. it was also possible to find a paddle to drop into the neck of a bottle with a message for the milkmen. Our set offers the option of one to five pints or 'No milk today, Thank you.'

In 1980 89% of all milk consumed in the UK arrived on the doorstop. By the noughties the power of the supermarkets had wiped that away and many of remaining dairies opted to disgard glass bottles in favour of plastic ones.

But the tide has turned and consumers worrying about the impact plastics are having on the environment are returning to dairies making doorstep deliveries in traditional glass.

Of course bottle carriers can also be used for carrying wine and cordials and look great in the corner of a kitchen.

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