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Preserving pans

Solid vintage preserving pans are a must to prevent any jams or marmalades from burning. The Victorians loved their big cast iron pans: Often wide and shallow with double handles and lined with white enamel. Sometimes they could be found in copper.

Judge used these as a model for their own, but preferring their signature pearl interiors. They made them deeper and had two styles: One for hanging over a fire and the other with double handles. Both had a lip to make pouring easier. Meanwhile, brass preserving pans continued to be used by many households. Smaller than the cast iron ones, they were popular for people making 7lbs or so of preserve.

For those who didn't want to wrestle with a weighty pan, aluminium provided the convenient answer. Mostly deep with a handle and lip, some manufacturers copied the shallow cast iron or copper ones with double handles.

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