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Jugs, pourers & funnels

We have vintage jugs of every shape and size, and you'll find many more in our Milk jugs, Kitchenware and Tableware ranges. But here we have a few, together with funnels and pourers when greater precision is required !

Stoneware jugs are great in any traditional kitchen, but what if you want something a little more retro and funky ? The answer is those great glass pourers of the forties and fifties, with screw on tops in pastel colours that were brought bang up to date in the sixties with a splash of vivid colour. Great for making sure you don't tip too much sugar or milk into your cuppa ! Hygenic were the brand leaders of their day, too.

If you need to pour liquids into bottles then a funnel is functional. They are often handy in jam making too, when you get more down the sides of jars than in them !

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