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Picnicking Victorians would merely tie their food in linen cloths and pop it in a hamper. As picnicking increased in popularity then ceramic or enamel boxes with chrome lids emerged: Many of them having little clips on the side to ensure the lids remained secure.

By the twenties and thirties, tins were common place - usually in cream and green. Post war saw the introduction of clear brittle plastics and late fifties and early sixties colours tended to be yellow, red and pale blue. But they were hardly practical and by the late sixties had been replaced by more durable polythenes.

Sandwiches were not the only things that needed to be transported safely and in small quantities. Aluminium egg holders and combined Bakerlite salt and peppers were popular. Some manufacturers produced doubled-ended tea and sugar tins, and Twinco's doubled-end cruets were common place throughout the sixties and seventies.

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