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Stoves, kettles & pans

There is absolutely nothing like the open road and cooking under the stars - or even the sun.

Inevitably much of the domestic camping equipment used throughout the 20th century would have been based on army kit, particularly the stoves and the pans. Small and light enough to be strung from a rucksack.

Mostly spirit-based, the Sirram No 2 includes a kettle and spirit tin and fits snuggly into a sandwich-style tin. Storage and cake tin manufacturers, Handiware packed their stoves into little round tins whilst a Bitmus stove could hold the sturdiest of pans. Top of the range is the stylish Optimus 8R which folds down into the smallest of boxes. Lowest tech of all is the Midget Pypro which has a fold-out stand to hold firelighters whilst placing a kettle or pan above. Small enough to pop in your top pocket !

Weight being the issue of the day, most pans and kettles were made from aluminium. But compactness was key, so nesting pans were most common with a typical set containing a pan, frying pan and a dish that could double up for eating as well as cooking.  Whilst many manufacturers produced standard small aluminium kettle, others went further by making folding handles.

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