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Icing sets & turntables

With baking seeing such a revival, decorating cakes, cupcakes and biscuits has become an art in itself. Tala were the kings - or queens - of icing with ever imaginable tool for the aspiring cake artist.

Their most popular set was the icing syringe with six nozzles: A starter set that would get the most apprehensive icer off to a great start. Additional nozzles could be added according to the desired design.

The Tala Queen set included an icing turnable for ease, and double the nozzles. The company was also an early example of great customer support, producing guides and booklets with tips for beginners and designs for complex cakes. How to decorate a cake. There must have been tens of Anne Ansons in their service department as her name was associated with books and catalogues for decades.

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