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Frying pans & skillets

These vintage pans are so solid that it's difficult to imagine getting anything other than the perfectly cooked egg or omelette. Both our cast iron and steel frying pans are great for ranges and Agas. Most would also be terrific for an open fire or range where they would have been used originally.

You can use them for almost anything that needs frying, but we do have some specialist skillets and pans that were designed for specific uses like mini drop scones or pancakes or very thin crepes. Some of them have lips to make it easier to pour out fat or juices. Other skillets are completely flat making it perfect for lifting off a pancake !

The Victorian ingenuity of Kenrick recognised space could be in short supply in some kitchens and made a griddle with a folding handle so it could hang flat against a wall.

For a bright mid-century kitchen we have lots of lovely bright Polish enamel frying pans in bright colours !

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