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Enamel was the staple of any old scullery. With water being carried from room to room the pitchers needed to carry a lot. Whilst white was the usual colour, many would come in cream, and continental ones could be bright blue or granite. Today they are more likely to be used for holding flowers.

Enamel basins would be used for a variety of household tasks, particularly in rooms that had no running water. in some households they would be used as wash basins and been on an iron wash stand. They were produced in sizes from 8in to about 17in although the regular size was 12in. Soap dishes and sink drainers were also made from enamel.

Maids would not only have to carry hot water around, but they would also have to empty the chamber pots. Most were just plain enamel, but sometimes decorated ones where produced for children, like the one we have here portraying Mary had a little lamb.

Not only would running water be in short supply, but so would electricty. Chamber or candle sticks would provide the only light. These made a return to fashion in the sixties when brightly coloured enamel became trendy.

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