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Pudding basins & steamers

Vintage pudding basins aren't just for boiling those fantastic steamed puddings, they're also great for mixing and storing.

Pudding basins have strange sizes: The smaller the number, the bigger the basin ! 54 = 1/2pt; 48 = 3/4pt; 42 = 1pt, 36 = 1 1/2pt; 30 = 2pt; 24 = 2 1/2pt, 12 = 4pt, 6 = 6pt.

To add to the confusion, some manufacturers introduced their own sizes, but to make life simpler we have listed everything according to these traditional sizes.

Some people swear by enamel and aluminium for conducting heat during the cooking process, so we've included some in individual and family sizes.

Grimwades went a step further with another of their patented ironstone products by inventing the Quick Cooker with a central funnel and lid which made sure the centre was cooked through. The whole bowl and lid is covered with Grimwades advertsing and instructions for the perfect pudding ! A beautiful centrepiece for any traditional kitchen as well as being practical.

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